Everybody’s talking about the weather

Yep, it’s another blog from me. This one is a bit of a special case however, as it will be mostly a single-topic blog. As many of those who have worked with me in the past already know, meteorology is one of my many hobbies. This has at times brought smiles and the odd derogatory comment, though the colleagues/friends that uttered those won’t be making any more comments. Let’s just leave it at that. The whole thing escalated since I joined my current employer and I’m now posting regular weather forecasts on the noticeboard in our office. So, with me being the lazy bastard that I am, I thought why not re-use those forecasts and make them available online? Okay, okay, I admit it wasn’t all my idea, there was some “encouragement” by my colleagues. Really, that’s all it was. Raul, Henry, you can put your guns down now.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Here, I’ll be posting all weather related content, my regular forecasts, background info, links, but also debunk some of those “long-term” forecasts made in certain print media. Basically, you’ll get all you ever wanted to know about weather, plus many things you don’t want to know. Also, I’ll be using this as a test-bed for WordPress. This will be very Cork-centric. I mean, Cork is my home, like. My two other blogs will continue as normal, with reviews, trip reports, political commentary and other more or less coherent ramblings. As usual, feedback, especially constructive feedback, is always welcome. So, enjoy the blog, if not the weather.


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