Weather Forecast – Sept. 25h, 2016

Well, from the looks of the news sites, it looks like most of the country weathered (no pun intended, or is it?) last night’s rain pretty well. Here in Cork, it certainly did nothing more than provide a nice tapping on the windows to wake up to, and cause some muddy runoffs from tributaries to the Lee. As of the time of this forecast, the last of the heavy rain is moving eastwards across the Irish Sea, and will continue to affect much of the United Kingdom overnight and into Sunday morning.

This two-tone colouring of the Lee is a pretty clear indicator that it must have rained a lot!

As far as tomorrow is concerned, the outlook is mixed. Temperatures will definitely be lower than today as the trailing edge of a low pressure system moves over Cork. Due to the way air flows around any low pressure system, we’ll be getting a weak blast of air straight from the southern tip of Greenland. Nighttime lows will still be around 11 degrees, so no need to bring out the arctic gear just yet.

As daylight breaks on Sunday, another, much weaker and indistinct patch of rain will move in over Ireland. The total rainfall amounts forecasted by most weather models are low, so apart from an occasional shower, the most we can expect is some drizzle. That drizzle will however be driven by moderate to fresh winds, with the occasional gale-force gust mixed in. Both will stay with us until around nightfall. Temperature-wise, we’re looking at daytime highs of around 14 degrees, once again dropping to nighttime lows of around 11 degrees.

Looking forward to next week, the big elephant in the room is still tropical storm Karl, and how it will act. The US National Hurricane Center in Miami is currently tracking Karl as it moves away from Bermuda on a northeasterly heading. It is still strengthening, and while it won’t evolve into full scale hurricane before it becomes extra-tropical, it will still pack quite a punch when it arrives in “our waters” on Monday. What happens then is anyones guess, the weather models become quite erratic at that point. While it looks like the worst winds will be north of Galway, it all depends on the behaviour of other weather system in the area as to how much inroads Karl will be making in Ireland. But no need to worry, another North Atlantic low is already on the way, and will hit Ireland on Wednesday.


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