Weekday Weather Forecast – Sept 26th – Sept 28th

Well, the weekend turned out better than expected, we even got to enjoy some sunshine. Unfortunately, that is not going to continue. Tropical Storm Karl is no longer an issue. It has hit the atmospheric counterpart of a chainsaw, and its remains are scattered all over the place. That means that more than moderate winds aren’t on the cards in the foreseeable future, and that we can expect higher temperatures over the rest of the week. Unfortunately, it also means more rain.That will start on Monday afternoon. A small but intense area of rainfall will move in from the Celtic Sea. It looks like most of the rainfall will be concentrated around Waterford, but Cork is well within the area of maximum forecast rainfall. Furthermore, intense rain showers, like the one that hit the mini marathon yesterday, can boil up with minimum advance notice. That stuff will move away northeastwards overnight. Temperature-wise, we’re looking at around 15-16 degrees, dropping to around 11 degrees at night.

Tuesday is shaping up to be a surprisingly good day. Whatever residual rainfall there is will dissipate early on Tuesday morning. Any cloud cover will dissipate by lunchtime, leading to a bright sunny day (Anyone else got “I can see clearly now” stuck in their head now?). What’s more, this clearing coincides with the arrival of the “warm sector” of Tropical Storm remnant Karl, so that we’re looking at temperatures of around 18 degrees, with 20 degrees possible locally!

All that will end on Wednesday, though. A small, marginal low will develop over the North Atlantic on Tuesday and move over Ireland the following day. Temperature-wise, we’ll still be stuck in its warm sector, so daytime highs of around 18 degrees are very much on the cards, however, a band of rainfall will start moving in from the Atlantic by late afternoon, and that will stay with us overnight. Add to that freshening westerly to southwesterly winds, that can reach force 6-7, and you’ve got a typical autumn day.


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