Weekday Weather Forecast – 28/09/16 – 30/09/16

Well, yesterday was a pretty sweet day weatherwise, and while we’re not going to see much of the sun today, it is going to be unusually warm for this time of year. Unfortunately, was Ireland enters the grasp of a North Atlantic low (yep, another one of those SOBs!), this warm period is about to come to an end. For the rest of Wednesday, it’s basically going to be like what you see outside. A solid cloud cover, but relatively calm winds. Temperatures currently hover around 16 degrees, rising to around 18-19 degrees, maybe 20 degrees in the late afternoon. That’s also when the chance for a break in the cloud cover is highest. It will turn pretty wet tonight, from around 6 PM onwards, as a weak frontal system moves through. It should move away from Cork by around 9 PM, tracking eastwards, leaving a clear night. Nighttime lows will be around 13 degrees.

Thursday is going to start overcast and with a chance of drizzly rain, but the three hour rainfall amounts are minimal, we’re looking at 0.2 to 0-5 mm per square meter. The winds will be mostly calm as well, although the odd gust is possible. Temperature-wise, the daytime highs will come in at around 14-15 degrees, so it will feel significantly fresher than today, but winds will remain calm throughout the day, so windchill should not be a big factor. All in all, the weather on Thursday is like your typical airline meal: bland and unremarkable, but not openly revolting.

Friday is a different story. It’ll start relatively dry, though rather chilly with lows around 11 degrees. Once again, we’re looking at a solid overcast, with little chance of the sun breaking through. It’ll start relatively dry, maybe with the odd drizzle, but nothing spectacular. A small but intense area of rain will move in in the evening though, although at least there won’t be much in the way of wind at least. Daytime highs are going to come in at around 15 degrees, so once again it will feel quite a bit cooler than today. This is also going to be the theme for the weekend from what I can see.


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