Weekend Forecast – Sept. 30th – Oct. 2nd

Good morning, on this wonderful but chilly day. I’m not saying it’s cold this morning, but I’m pretty sure I saw a White Walker on the bus to work. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. The predominantly fine weather of the last few days is about to come to an end over the weekend, and next week looks pretty unpleasant so far.

For Friday, the start of the day is pretty good. Clear skies, the odd cloud, relatively calm winds. Also, despite the chilly start, it will get relatively warm today, we’re talking about daytime highs of 16 degrees, slightly more in large built up areas, due to the urban thermal bubble. Things are going to change in the afternoon though. Two large and intense pulses of rain show up on the forecast charts, they should move in from around 4PM, and stay pretty much overnight. The good news is that there will be pretty much no significant wind, except maybe for the occasional gust connected to local shower clouds.

This rain will clear the south coast of Ireland on Saturday morning, making room for what looks like a pretty fine day at the moment. In fact, it looks as if we’ll have clear skies all over Ireland for pretty much the entire day. That of course also means that it will be dry for pretty much all of Saturday. The downside of that will be nighttime lows from Friday to Saturday at around 6 degrees, I’d go so far as to say that patches of ground frost are possible in exposed locations. Highs will be around 15-16 degrees.

That will change on Sunday. An area of strong winds connected to yet another North Atlantic Low will reach us during the morning. Winds will swing around to southerly directions, and freshen up significantly. Gale Force winds are highly likely in coastal areas, and might even occur in Cork. By the afternoon, a band of rain will move into Cork. I hate to say it, but that band is here to stay at least until Monday evening. Fresh to Gale force winds are to be expected at all times during its stay. The good news is that this is connected to a warm front, so nights won’t be as chilly, in fact, we’re looking at nighttime lows in the two-digit range. 


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