Weekday Weather Forecast – Oct. 3rd – Oct. 5th

Hi everybody. Please excuse the delay in getting this forecast published. I’m heading off to Dubai for a couple of days of heat, and I had to make sure I don’t forget anything, like my passport for example. Anyway, the rest of Monday looks wet, VERY wet. Spot flooding is a very real possibility all along the western coast, with up to 80mm of rain forecast. Not quite a “get your kayak” situation but close. The wind isn’t going to help much, either. We’re looking at fresh to gale force winds from the west, turning southerly over the course of the day. Now don’t complain to me about having to walk home in that kinda weather. I’m going to have to fly through that, and even a fully loaded Boeing 777-300ER, which has all the flying characteristics of a morbidly obese pterodactyl, will probably be bounced around quite a bit. At least, with the southerly direction of the airflow, temperatures won’t be too bad, we’re looking at highs of 15-16 degrees, with lows around 9-10.

Today’s weather forecast is brought to you by Iarnrod Éireann. Here’s a view of the “office”

The rain will last into Tuesday. In fact, from the forecasts, it looks as if the frontal system bringing the rain will stall over western Ireland, dumping a lot more water on it before starting to decay in the latter half of Tuesday. That kayak might see some use after all. The southerly airflow will persist, once again with fresh to strong or gale force winds. However, that also means that temperatures won’t look too bad. We’re once again looking at temperatures between 15-16 degrees during the day, possibly higher, and 10-11 degrees at night. Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the rain.

Sorry about the blue tint. The Mark IV coaches used on the Cork-Dublin Heuston line all have this, for whatever reason.

Wednesday will be drier, a lot drier. The rain will have died out overnight, and temperatures will once again be around 15 degrees. The southerly airflow, generated by a powerful low over Iceland, and an equally powerful high over Scandinavia will continue to bring warm air into the country for  what could be the rest of the week. Winds will slacken off quite considerably as well, so you won’t fight to keep control of the pizza you bought at the Farmer’s Market in Ballincollig, at least not with the wind. Hungry co-workers are a different matter 😉 The only bad news about Wednesday is that the skies won’t be totally clear, it looks rather overcast, but that is subject to change.

As for the lookout beyond that, it appears that another band of rain will move in on Thursday, bringing yet another wet and possibly windy day. However, since neither the Icelandic low, nor the Scandinavian high show any signs of budging, it shouldn’t get too cold, even though the unsettled wet and windy weather is set to continue.

As for my destination, well we’re currently looking at daytime highs of around 34 degrees, dropping to a “refreshing” 28 degrees at night. I sure hope the AC works in my hotel 😉


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