Weather Forecast: Oct. 5th – Oct. 7th

Good morning everybody from sunny (and scorching!) Dubai. I really wish I could send some of that heat up to ye guys. Though, looking at the forecast charts, it doesn’t look too bad for the next couple of days, in fact it will even be mostly dry.

The rest of Wednesday looks like quite a nice day in fairness. There is a band of heavy rain out over the Atlantic, looking menacing and all, but it doesn’t appear to be making any headway towards Ireland, so Wednesday should stay mainly dry. There’s always the chance of the odd shower, this is Ireland we’re talking about, after all, but nothing major. Most of the heavy winds are staying out over the Atlantic as well, there may be the occasional strong gust, but again nothing major. Temperature-wise, we’re looking at daytime highs of around 15-16 degrees (again), dropping to around 10 degrees overnight. All of that will be covered by a pretty solid cloud cover, although that looks like it might break up in the afternoon leading to some nice sunshine for a time. Does that weather pattern sound familiar to anyone?

As for Thursday, it’s rinse and repeat. That frontal system over the Atlantic is slowly, very slowly, edging towards Ireland. However, from the charts, it looks like it will start decaying before even getting there. That being said, there are showers developing ahead of that front, so from my perspective, it looks like the chance for rain will be higher than on Wednesday. That being said, we’re looking at showers, so there’s no telling when or where they’ll strike. Following Murphy’s law, it’ll probably be by the time everyone leaves work. It will be a bit cooler, with daytime highs up around 13 degrees, dropping to 9-10 degrees at night, once again, that pattern should be familiar to many of you by now.

As for Friday, well it looks as if the predominant weather pattern will change. The Icelandic Low and the corresponding Scandinavian High that have been dominating the weather over the last week will have drifted well north, while a new strong low pressure system is building south of the Denmark Strait (That’s the body of water separating Iceland and Greenland, in case you’re wondering). This change in weather patterns will mean that it will be noticeably wetter than Wednesday or Thursday. It doesn’t look too windy at the moment, but that could well change. Not much change in the temperature sector, we’re looking once again at 13-14 degrees during the day, and around 9 degrees at night.

No weather picture from Cork or Ballincollig this time, I’m afraid. Instaweather won’t let me combine old photos with current forecast data.

Going beyond that, the weekend is still pretty undecided as far as the weather is concerned. It looks as if Ireland might get caught in a Northwest circulation again, meaning cool, wet, breezy, with regular storms, but that is far from clear. I’ve also started tracking Hurricane Matthew as it batters its way through the Caribbean. It is currently a Category 4 storm, meaning we’re talking about sustained winds of well in excess of 160km/h, and it looks like it’s still gathering steam. NOAA and US Air Force Weather Reconnaissance Aircraft are keeping it under close scrutiny, regular flying into the eye wall and eye of the storm to gather readings from the strongest parts of the storm. The reason I’m writing this is because predictions by the National Hurricane Center show it moving along the Eastern Seaboard, reaching the waters south of Cape Cod around Monday, while still at hurricane strength. Once it reaches that point, there is every chance that it gets sucked into the North Atlantic Weather patterns, and could affect Ireland. It isn’t certain that it will happen, but certainly likely enough for me to keep an eye on.


As far as the weather here in Dubai is concerned, I’ll hand the keyboard over to Robin Williams:

The weather out there today is hot and shitty with continued hot and shitty in the afternoon. Tomorrow a chance of continued crappy with a pissy weather front coming down from the north. Basically, it’s hotter than a snake’s ass in a wagon rut.

– From “Good Morning, Vietnam”


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