Weekday Weather Forecast – Oct. 10th – Oct. 12th

Well, looks like the forecasts for the next week or two look pretty easy. Ireland is squarely in the grip of a massive high pressure area centered around Scandinavia. There is currently a strong low pressure area moving in from the mid Atlantic, but that will decay and fall apart before it even comes close to it. It will get close enough however for Ireland to end up in the southerly airflow along its northern flank, so there will be a couple of pleasant days ahead.

Monday will continue as it started, calm and slightly overcast. There is a lot of rain associated with that low pressure area I just talked about, but it looks like that will not make any significant progress inland. Some of the coastal areas of Kerry might be affected, but that’s about it. Temperature-wise, we’re looking at nothing too spectacular either, maximum temperatures should be around 13-14 degrees, dropping back to 5-9 degrees overnight. Chilly, but not too bad.

Tuesday looks like it will be more of the same, once again overcast, although the winds will freshen up, as the southerly airflow establishes itself. Nothing dramatic, though, from the looks of it, we won’t be getting past force 4-5 winds, not even close to gale force. Rain-wise, the picture looks good as well. The massive rainfall associated with the decaying low will drift away southwards, giving Cork a wide berth. There is the chance of the odd shower, but once again nothing dramatic. The real good news are along the temperature front. As Ireland gets caught in that southerly airflow, we will be looking at daytime highs of 16-17 degrees, with a bit more possible in large urban centres. Nighttime lows will be around 6-9 degrees again, pretty normal for this time of year, I’d say.

I was about to write that it’s rinse and repeat for Wednesday, but that isn’t quite the case. The warmer air temperatures facilitate the development of squally showers along the south coast of Ireland. The issue with these is that they’re very hard to predict. Some areas might remain dry, while the houses down the road get drenched, so it’s best to keep an umbrella handy. Rainfall totals are low, though. That’s the only bad weather news I have for Wednesday, though. Winds will slacken again, and once again we’re looking at daytime highs of 16-17 degrees.

There is quite frankly not much potential for change beyond that from what I can see. A group of strong, stable high pressure areas over Scandinavia, northern Spain and the Grand Banks have the North Atlantic circulation pretty much in lockdown, storms are confined to the Denmark Strait and Iceland. Hurricane Nicole will enter the North Atlantic weather pattern on Friday, still as a formidable storm, but even that won’t be enough to break the blockade by those high pressure systems. I’m willing to go out on a limb here and say that we’re going to have pleasant weather well into next week, that’s how stable the current situation looks.


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