Weekday Weather Forecast- Oct. 12th – Oct.14th

Well, so much for the weather being easy to predict, two days on, and it’s all change. That low pressure area I talked about last time has drifted off into the south and into the Bay of Biscay for the time being. However, it has not dissipated as I had expected. In fact, over the next couple of days, it will move back north, and will basically reconstitute itself over Ireland.For the rest of Wednesday, expect temperatures to range between 12 and 15 degrees, not much higher, as the southerly airflow didn’t establish itself like I had originally forecast. Showery rain is to be expected around midday, courtesy of an unstable mass of air moving eastwards from the UK. There shouldn’t be too much wind, though most of that has moved south for the time being.

Thursday is going to be interesting from a meteorological point of view. A high altitude low pressure area will start developing over the continent, and moving towards Ireland, something I haven’t seen before. It won’t have much of an effect on the weather here in Ireland YET. Winds are probably going to be dead calm on Thursday, and any rain will be in the form of showers. We’re looking at nighttime lows of 4-9, and daytime high temperatures of around 14-16 degrees again.

I wish I could say the same about Friday, but that day currently looks like a washout. The low pressure area I was talking about will continue to strengthen over Ireland, the core will be located just off Mizen Head on Friday. There won’t be much wind to speak of, however, rain is a different matter altogether. A band of heavy rain will move in on Friday afternoon, and stay overnight. Temperature-wise, it won’t be too good either, we’re talking about daytime highs of around 12-13 degrees, with nighttime lows around 3-6 degrees. Early guidance suggests that this chilly, windy weather will stay with us over the entire weekend. The only good news is that Hurricane Nicole will basically become stationary south of Newfoundland and won’t come anywhere near us.


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