Weekday Weather Forecast – Oct. 14th – Oct. 16th

Weather Warning in Operation: Status Yellow!Met Éireann has issued a yellow weather alert for rainfall for Cork and Kerry. They are expecting heavy rainfalls, totaling 25 to 40 mm between 9 AM today and 9 AM on Saturday. The reason behind that is of course that low pressure area developing pretty much right above us. This low will continue developing over Ireland over the weekend, leading to some rather forgettable weather. I hope you brought your raingear!

For the rest of Friday, rain is going to be the main word to describe the weather. That heavy rain I mentioned earlier is already visible on Met Éireanns Doppler radar feed off the west coast of Cork. It will move in over the morning, becoming heavier as the day progresses. Winds will pick up as well later in the afternoon, but more than force 4 winds probably aren’t on the cards. Daytime highs are expected to be around 14 degrees, while nighttime lows will come in at around 9 degrees.

Saturday will be marginally drier as the center of the low moves inland over west Cork. That being said, it will still be wet, especially during the first half of the days. Winds will continue to be calm, as there is usually notr much wind action in the center of a weather system. Daytime highs will be around 14 degrees, but they will drop rather rapidly into the single figures over the afternoon, dropping to a low of 9-6 degrees.

Sunday currently looks like the best day of the weekend. We’re looking at light showers during the day but nothing major. The winds will continue to be calm, so not much trouble there. Temperatures will once again come in at around 13 degree max, dropping to around 6 overnight. There might even be some chance of sunshine. 

Looking ahead, it seems that the Azores High will be all that stands between Ireland and Hurricane Nicole, which looks unusually strong for a Hurricane over the North Atlantic. That will most likely lead to some settled, if chilly weather early next week.


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