Weekday Weather Forecast-Oct. 17th – Oct. 19th

Good afternoon, Cork! Did everyone get through the weekend without being washed away? Turns out those weather alerts by Met Éireann were well founded. The good news is that this should have been the last of the heavy rain for the foreseeable future. Our old friend, the Azores High, is coming over for a visit, which will lead to calm and settled weather for the next couple of days. Boring days for forecasters, that’s for sure!The rest of Monday looks pretty good. Any remaining rainclouds should collapse as the day goes on and high pressure becomes more and more dominant in our region. Winds won’t be much of an issue, it looks like a pretty calm day. Temperatures are going to be par for the course for mid October, we’re looking at daytime highs of around 13-14 degrees, with 16 degrees possible in urban centers, all under a clear blue sky until the afternoon. Nighttime lows should be around 5-7 degrees.

No Forecast picture today, I’m afraid!

For Tuesday, it’s basically rinse and repeat. Once again, the chance of rain is low, and there won’t be much in the way of wind. However, it won’t be a clear day, GFS predictions show varying degrees of cloud cover for pretty much the entire day. This cloud cover is mostly cosmetic, though, there does not seem to be much rain in there. Temperatures will once again be around 13 degrees max, with 5-6 degrees at night.

As far as Wednesday is concerned, it will be a much clearer day. High pressure will become dominant over Ireland overnight, causing any cloud cover to collapse in the early hours of Wednesday morning. It will remain mostly calm throughout Wednesday, with mostly clear skies, a few scattered clouds may be possible towards the afternoon. Daytime highs will come in at around 13 degrees again, however nights will be quite a bit cooler due to the lack of cloud cover, we’re looking at 2-6 degrees, with ground frost very much on the cards in isolated areas. 


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