Weekday Weather Forecast – Oct. 19th – Oct. 21st

Belated good morning everybody. Following a bit of a fight with my computer and Windows, I’m back up and running. Not that I would have missed anything weather-wise. The current weather is about as entertaining as reading through the pages of a phone directory. We are firmly under the control of a high pressure area at the moment and, as anyone who read my last Weekend Weather Word on this blog knows, those tend to be pretty persistent.

As for the rest of Wednesday, we’re looking at the same kind of weather we had yesterday. Mostly dry, calm winds, and maximum temperatures of 14-16 degrees, all this under a broken cloud cover, that will dissipate towards the afternoon and evening, as the center of the high draws nearer. It will stay clear overnight, causing nighttime lows to plummet to around 6 degrees. Lower temperatures are very much on the cards, especially in rural areas.

For Thursday, it’s essentially rinse & repeat, at least for most of the day. It will start off clear and cool/cold, but dry. There won’t be any significant cloud cover until the late afternoon/early evening, by which time the high pressure area above us will have weakened a bit, causing a band of clouds to move in. No rain, though. Daytime highs will come in at around 14 degrees, dropping to around 9 degrees at night, while the winds will swing around to a southerly direction, while still staying calm.

Not much will change for Friday. Once again, we’re looking at a broken cloud cover, calm winds, and daytime highs around 14 degrees, all without any significant amounts of rainfall. Nighttime lows will once again bottom out at around 9 degrees. I cannot make any firm predictions for the weekend yet. A strong low pressure area will start forming south of Ireland today, that much is certain. But there is no indication at all how that will move. Some weather models show the good weather lasting into next week, while others predict that Cork will turn into Atlantis-on-Lee. Stay tuned for more details on Friday.


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