Weekend Weather Forecast – Nov. 4th – Nov 7th

Looks like change is in the air. While we are still caught between a massive ridge of high pressure over the north Atlantic, and a weak but noticeable low over the North Sea, it looks as if neither of these weather systems will survive the weekend. In fact, several weather models are expecting stormy conditions to set in early next week, marking a return to the more traditional North Atlantic Circulation. This does not yet affect the weekend, though. That looks cold but mostly dry.

Friday will most likely be the warmest day in this forecast period. We’re looking at positively tropical highs of 10°C, dropping back to around 3°C overnight. There is a possibility of showers developing, especially around midday, but the rainfall totals look pretty low. The good news is that there shouldn’t be too much in the way of wind. We’re caught in a northerly airflow, and are shielded from any storm force winds by the whole of Ireland. I think that’s the first time that Ireland has done something useful for Cork in quite some time!

Saturday will be much colder. Temperatures will not rise past 8°C, except maybe in urban centers. Once again, there’s a chance of showers around midday, and there is a chance that they could be wintry, sleet and snow are a possibility! A biting northeasterly wind may develop, it may only be force 5-6, but it will feel decidedly unpleasant. Nighttime lows will be around 3 degrees at best, with temperatures below freezing possible. Any showers moving through after nightfall will almost certainly come down as snow.

Things don’t look much warmer for Sunday, either. Daytime highs won’t exceed 6-7°C, and nighttime temperatures will come in at around 0°C, possibly lower. Winds will slacken off considerably, though as the core of the North Sea low moves farther away from Ireland. It does look drier than the rest of the weekend, though, with most of the showers being confined to the east and west coasts.


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