Weekday Weather Forecast – Nov. 7th – Nov. 9th

Hey everybody. Between the clear skies and the abundant sunshine, that was a great weekend. And one hell of a cold morning, let me tell ya! If you like this weather, enjoy it while you can. The Azores High is weakening, and opening the door for the North Atlantic Circulation to kick into gear again, finally! From the looks of the charts, we’ll be looking at several frontal systems moving through this week, so be ready for anything.

Monday is without doubt the finest day of the week as far as I can tell. It will also be the coldest day of the week, with daytime highs even with all this sunshine not climbing above 9°C. It will drop down to around 0°C overnight. The good news is that apart from a few isolated clouds, nothing is going to spoil the sunshine today, and there’s officially a 0.0% chance of rain.

Things will change on Tuesday. A band of clouds will start moving across Ireland from the north overnight, covering all of Ireland by Tuesday morning. These clouds are associated with a warm front connected to a low pressure system over Iceland. Warm fronts usually bring significant amounts of rain, and the rainfall totals for Tuesday certainly look impressive. The rain will move in around 6 AM and it will stay with us all day. At the same time, winds will pick up and swing around to a southwesterly direction, before slackening overnight. Due to the warm front, we’re looking at temperatures of around 11-12°C, dropping back to around 6°C at night, so much milder than today. Fog is a distinct possibility!

Wednesday looks like a drier version of Tuesday. Once again, it looks to be relatively mild, at least in the morning. Temperatures will peak at 11°C in the late morning, before dropping for the rest of the day. There is still a chance of showery rain all through Wednesday, although the amount of actual rainfall looks low. The biggest change is going to be the wind, which will pick up again, and swing around to northwest due to a mass of cold air moving in from Greenland. Keep those winter jackets ready, people!


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