Weekday Weather Forecast – Nov. 9th, 2016 – Nov. 11th, 2016

Good morning everybody. Once you’ve all overcome your shock, we’re also looking at a major shift in the weather patterns. The Azores High is still present, but weakening and moving south. This clears the way for the North Atlantic Circulation to kick in again, after being effectively blocked for five weeks. That means that we can expect wetter and more windy weather over the next weeks, although it still looks pretty quiet compared to last year. 

For the rest of Wednesday, we’re looking at a mixed bag of weather. There won’t be too much rain, most of that is confined to the coasts themselves, but we are currently caught in a turbulent Northwesterly airflow, so expect some gusty winds. Temperature-wise, we’re looking at Daytime Highs of around 11°C, with nighttime lows around 6°C again.

Thursday looks like another relatively calm day. There’s not much happening in the way of wind as far as I can see, although some other services expect gale force winds tomorrow, so be ready for that. We might get some strong showers, so have a raincoat or umbrella ready, just in case. It will be marginally warmer, we’re looking at 12°C, dropping to 7°C at night.

All will change on Friday though. From the early morning onwards, Ireland will be caught in the southeastern quadrant of a massive North Atlantic Low. A warm front associated with that low will slam into Cork from around 6 AM and stay with us for most of the day. Winds will freshen up to around force 8, storm force gusts are possible. Winds will slacken around midday, before picking up again in the afternoon. It will be considerably warmer during the day, we’re looking at 12-14°C, dropping to around 8°C overnight. The rest of the weekend looks equally turbulent, and we’re looking at a possible succession of low pressure systems over the next few weeks.

On an unrelated note. Given what has just happened across the Atlantic, Mars sounds quite nice at this time of the year.


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