Weekday Weather Forecast – Nov. 11th – Nov. 13th

Hey everybody, and sorry about the delay. The weekend is almost upon us, I hope those of you who already went out yesterday aren’t nursing too much of a hangover. Weather-wise, you certainly won’t be missing much. We’re looking at a frontal passage through Friday, leading to variable conditions over the weekend itself.

Much of Friday will be dominated by a major warm front moving in from the Atlantic. At the time of writing, this front is making landfall over west Co. Kerry. It will move inland and strengthen, reaching Cork in the late morning. The associated rainfalls will stay with us until the evening, probably around 10 PM. We’re looking at mostly moderate rainfall, there may be some pockets of heavy rain in there as well as some stormy sections. As we’re dealing with a warm front, we’ll be looking at daytime highs of 13-14°C, only dropping to around 11°C overnight.

Saturday looks like the morning after the night before as far as weather is concerned. Following the passage of the front, the Azores High will become dominant again, leading to a southwesterly airflow and some rather stable weather. A few light showers are still possible, however they shouldn’t amount to much more than a drizzle. Winds will be mostly calm, as well. It will be slightly cooler than today with maximum temperatures of around 12°C and lows of around 6°C

For Sunday, it’s once again rinse & repeat. While it won’t be too sunny, it will be mostly dry and calm, any storms staying way out over the Atlantic. As far as the temperatures are concerned, it doesn’t look too bad, we’re looking at around 12-13°C during the day, and 9-10°C overnight. The coming week looks calm as well as the Azores High remains dominant. Early indications show however that we MIGHT be in for the first proper storm of the season on the weekend of the 19th/20th. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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