Weekday Weather Forecast – Nov. 16th- Nov. 18th

Okay, now it’s official. I have no idea what’s going on! Don’t get me wrong, the weather for the latter half of this week and the weekend is pretty clear, however beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess. It looks as if the Polar circulation is collapsing or even inverting, getting us caught in an easterly circulation for the foreseeable future. What this means for us? I honestly have no idea.

But first, let’s move on to something completely different. For the rest of Wednesday, we’ll be looking at cold air slowly seeping into Ireland as the country gets caught in a Northwest-to-North airflow. The daytime highs of around 11°C will be reached during the late morning. Nighttime lows will be around 6-9°C. The good news is that there won’t be much in the way of rain or wind. Yet.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Thursday. Early on, an area of heavy rain that formed off the coast of Kerry overnight, will move in. From the looks of those rainfall totals, spot flooding is possible in vulnerable spots. All the while, winds will pick up and swing around to a southwesterly direction as we get caught in the grasps of the former Icelandic low. Hills, exposed coastal areas will get a battering, although the destructive winds will probably not reach too far inland. The worst of the rain and wind should be over by evening, though. All this is taking place in a rather chilly environment, with daytime highs around 8°C, and nighttime lows dropping to just above freezing at 2°C.

Friday won’t be much warmer, to be totally honest with you. Once again, we’re looking at nighttime lows of around 2°C, with daytime highs barely exceeding 6°C. I don’t think we’ll see much in the way of rain, as the winds will have swung around to a northerly direction, and most of the rainfall will be on the coasts of Kerry, where it belongs. The same goes for any rain. As for the weekend, the general outlook is cold and miserable, I’d recommend you have all your Saturday shopping done by 11 AM.


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