Weekday Weather Forecast – Nov. 21st – Nov. 23rd

Good morning everyone. I’m not saying it’s cold outside, but I’m pretty damn sure I saw some polar bears on the way to work today. Anyway, long-term forecasts indicate that it will remain chilly for the foreseeable future, as a major high pressure ridge develops over the British Isles and Ireland, so don’t put those coats and gloves away.

For the rest of Monday, expect temperatures to remain cold. Daytime highs will come in at around 5°C, but it will feel much colder due to wind chill. The reason for that is storm Angus, the first named storm of the season. It is tracking more northerly than expected, meaning that parts of Ireland will get gale to storm-force winds today. Most of that will be centered around Rosslare and Waterford, but we will still get fresh to gale force winds here in Cork as the day progresses. The good news is that it will remain dry throughout the day and night. Speaking of night, nighttime lows will not drop too much. However, even 5°C can feel like -5°C in current conditions.

Tuesday will be another day in the freezer. Daytime highs will actually climb to 6-7°C, but nighttime temperatures will drop to below freezing pretty much all over the country. At least wind chill won’t be too much of a factor this time, as winds swing around to a northerly direction and slacken off throughout the day. It will also remain dry throughout the day and night again.

Wednesday will be a carbon copy of Tuesday, with daytime highs of around 5°C, and nighttime lows at -1°C even in urban areas. It will once again remain dry throughout the day and night, with no noticeable wind. In fact, with that ridge of high pressure building, I feel comfortable enough to predict that this general weather pattern will continue throughout this week and the weekend, and into next week. Or, to sum it up from a meteorologists perspective: Booooooring!



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