Weekend Weather Forecast – Nov. 25th – Nov. 27th

Goooooooood Morning, and happy Friday everyone! Here’s your weekend weather for you. Don’t expect any major changes, we’re still stuck under a high pressure area that shows no signs of budging! There will be some changes in the internal structure of the high, but nothing that would affect the weather on the ground. Furthermore, it looks as if the current weather situation won’t collapse until the weekend of December 3rd.


What does this mean in detail? Well, Friday will get warmer after starting off cold Daytime highs will come in at around 8°C, maybe 10°C in urban centers. Temperatures will drop rapidly at night, though, dropping to at least -1°C pretty much everywhere. All this will take place under a bright, clear sky. There is a chance of fog near rivers or other bodies of water, but that should dissipate soon enough once the sun rises. Needless to say, there’s no chance of any rain, sleet.

Saturday looks like the warmest day of the weekend. Temperatures in coastal regions might actually hop over the two-digit mark and peak at 10-11°C, while temperatures inland will peak at 8-9°C. It will continue to be freezing cold at night, I actually expect temperatures to drop way below the -1°C expected by the GFS model. Skies will be mostly clear in the morning, however some hazy high-altitude clouds will form in the afternoon. They’re harmless though, and won’t net any rainfall.

There will be a change in the weather pattern on Sunday. Once again, the day will start off bright enough, with no cloud to be seen outside a data center. From lunchtime onward, however clouds will move in from the Atlantic, bringing small amounts of rainfall from around 5PM onwards. Temperatures will rise to around 9°C again, with 10°C again possible in coastal regions. The cloud cover will prevent temperatures from dropping too low overnight, with nighttime low coming in at around 6-7°C. Apart from that rainy interlude however, it looks like we’ll see a return to a dry and cold weather pattern for most of next week.


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