Weekday Weather Forecast – Nov. 30th – Dec. 2nd

Good morning, everybody. Now, I don’t want anybody here in the office to go around claiming how it was freezing this morning, because it wasn’t. It was actually BELOW freezing, and pretty comfortably so. And from the looks of it, there won’t be much of a change for the coming days. That high pressure area over the North Sea is turning out to be as stubborn as an ill-tempered mule on a bad day!

For the rest of Wednesday, this means that temperatures won’t rise above 7°C, before dropping down to -2°C again overnight. Where some weather models get a prediction of °5C for Wednesday night is completely beyond me. Once again, like so many times before over the last few weeks, rain will not be an issue. The same goes for clouds and wind, as that high pressure area is still going strong for the time being.

There will be a bit of a change on Thursday as our old friend, the North Sea high, moves south over the mainland, causing it to weaken a bit over Ireland. That won’t mean much of a change in temperatures, it’ll still be bloody freezing in the morning, and daytime highs will peak at 8°C. Clouds will move in during the afternoon, and stay for most of the night, causing nighttime lows to come in at around 5°C on Thursday night. There’s still no chance of rain, though.

The cloud cover will persist into Friday morning, before dissipating around lunch time. The sunny interlude will be short, as the skies will begin to cloud over again in the evening. Daytime highs will come in at around 8°C again, with nighttime lows once again not dropping below 5°C for most of Cork due to the cloud cover. There is a slight chance of some rain along the southern coastlines in the afternoon, but that won’t amount to much. As for the weekend and beyond, it looks like that high still isn’t budging, so expect more of the same. I’ll have a detailed forecast for you on Friday.


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