Weekday Weather Forecast – Dec. 5th 2016 Dec. 7th 2016

Good morning everybody. I hope you’ve all recovered from the weekend. It certainly looks as if the weather is all geared up for a fresh start, as all major models show a break from current weather patterns coming up. The blocking high that has been keeping all bad weather away is finally collapsing, resulting in a period of wet, windy, and changeable weather over the next two weeks. The good news is that it will be relatively warm.

Things start slow on Monday. While overcast, it will be a relatively calm day, with not much in the way of wind. Temperatures will rise up to 9°C during the day, only dropping back to around 8°C overnight, so basically there’s no change in temperatures. There is a chance of some light showers or drizzles moving through in the afternoon, the rainfall totals are relatively low, though, so there won’t be any major issue.

Temperatures will start rising early on Tuesday morning, rising to 12-13°C pretty rapidly. That temperature will be pretty constant throughout the entire day and night. Unfortunately, that’s all the good news I can report for Tuesday. A band of rain will move into Ireland from the Atlantic around lunchtime, and cover most of the country by the afternoon. While the rainfall totals continue to remain low, rain will be pretty persistent once it starts. Winds will also pick up from lunchtime onward, swinging around to south and freshening up to potentially gale force wind. Certainly, coastal regions will be in for a ride.

As for Wednesday, that day will pick up where Tuesday left off weather-wise. Temperatures will continue to be in the two-digit range, possibly topping 14°C. Winds will continue to be fresh to gale force, with coastal regions being in for a full gale for a time on Wednesday morning. It will also be a wet day, as a band of clouds associated with a strong North Atlantic low is moving through. Spot flooding is a possibility, and given the wind direction and speed, outflow from Cork Harbour will be impeded, resulting in some low-lying areas near the harbor being flooded for a short time as well.


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