Weekday Weather Forecast – Dec. 7th – Dec. 9th

Looks like rain, Ted. That just about sums up the weather situation we’re faced with, a strong North Atlantic low is currently off Irelands west coast, the quintessential Irish winter weather setup. This low, which is responsible for the turbulent weather we’re currently experiencing, will move northwestwards, followed shortly afterwards by another low, which will mostly affect the northwest of Ireland, though.

As for us down here in Cork, we’re in for a wet and windy day for the rest of Wednesday. Rain will persist for most of the day, only clearing in the late afternoon. At the same time, strong to gale force southwesterly winds will persist at least until lunchtime, with force 8-9 gusts being possible throughout the first half of the day. It will get somewhat calmer in the afternoon, though it will still be pretty gusty. The good news is that it will be pretty warm, with 14-15°C possible in the afternoon. Nighttime low will still be around 7-9°C, which is what you would expect in mid to late September.

Thursday looks to be a bit calmer for the most part. Winds will pretty much die down overnight, and remain calm until the evening. Rain won’t be much of an issue either, with most rain fronts giving Ireland a pass. That will change in the evening though. Winds will freshen up for a few hours, with gale force winds being possible. At pretty much the same time, the first of two bands of rain will move in over Ireland, bringing quite a bit of rain, though nothing that could get dangerous. Daytime highs will come in at around 12-13°C, with almost no temperature change overnight.

That second band of rain I mentioned above will have cleared Ireland early on Friday, only to make room for the next. The entire day will be rather wet. As far as wind is concerned, that’s still up in the air (no pun intended?). Some weather models show gale force winds in the morning for Cork, some expect us to escape completely. I wouldn’t bet on that, though, so prepare for strong winds. It will be a bit colder, with daytime highs of 11°C dropping back to 7°C overnight.  


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