Weekday Weather Forecast – Dec. 12th – Dec. 14th

Good morning and “happy” Monday, everyone. It looks as if we’re looking at another major change in weather patterns over the next week. High pressure is building again over Europe, leading to another, possibly sustained period of cold but stable weather. This also reduces the changes of a white Christmas, but it’s still too early to forecast that for sure. Before that starts though, the wet and windy North Atlantic Weather goes out with a bang.

Just because it will dry up doesn’t mean that Monday will be dry, though. In fact, there’s a large band of rain moving in from the Atlantic as we speak, clearly visible both on radar and on satellite images. This will start affecting Cork around noon, and stay until late in the evening before moving off eastwards. There shouldn’t be too much in the way of wind in that front, and it won’t be too cold, either. We’re looking at temperatures between 10-12°C both during the day and the night. I’m not complaining, makes the forecasting that much easier.

As for Tuesday, it will be drier for most of the day, although we’re still looking at persistent light rain or drizzle, with the odd heavy shower mixed in. However, a stronger band of rain will move in from the southwest overnight, bringing some significant rainfall totals overnight, especially for the south of the country. Winds will pick up and swing around to southerly directions overnight as well, bringing sustained gale force winds to exposed coastal locations for a time, as well as gale force gusts for pretty much all of Cork. Temperatures will drop like a stone once the front is through, dropping from daytime highs of 13°C to lows of 7°C.

7-8°C will also be the daytime highs for Wednesday, which looks like a rather calm day. There won’t be any rain, and winds will be mostly calm as well in the wake of that cold front. However, cold will be the operative word for Wednesday, as nighttime lows will drop to around 3-4°C, with ground frost possible in vulnerable locations. At least, we’ll have clear skies, and it looks as if Wednesday will set the meteorological theme for the next week or so.


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