Weekday Weather Forecast – Dec. 14th – Dec. 16th

Good morning, everybody. The cookies are beginning to pile up, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the office. In addition, we’re now at a moment when somewhat reliable forecasts can be made for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and I’ll start doing so in regular intervals in a separate forecast. As far as the “regular” weather is concerned, we’re looking at a mixed picture.

The rest of Wednesday looks pretty dry. The band of heavy rain that drenched Cork overnight is moving off to the Northeast, giving way to some settled, calm weather for the rest of the day. Any lingering clouds should clear by the afternoon, leading to a bright, if chilly, afternoon and evening. It will be colder than the last few days, with temperatures dropping to 8°C during the day, and 3°C at night.

Thursday will start off dry and cold. However, a band of rain attached to a strong North Atlantic low will move into west Cork in the morning, and will likely reach Cork City around lunch time. Within that rain front, winds will freshen up to gale force and swing around to southerly directions. Current models see the rain band stalling over Ireland for a bit, so you can expect the rain to last right through the night. It won’t be too warm either, with daytime highs of 8°C and nighttime lows of just around 3°C.

Things are looking more settled for Friday. Winds will be mostly calm as high pressure begins to build over Ireland, and rain won’t be an issue for most of the day, at least once that band of rain from Thursday has moved on. Once again, we’re looking at a mostly clear day from the afternoon on. However, this will also cause temperatures to plummet. Daytime highs will be 7°C, dropping to 0°C or lower overnight. Freezing conditions are possible even in urban areas, so take care when driving.

The rest of the weekend looks mostly settled, most of the bad weather will be up in Ulster or Galway. Anyway, stay tuned for the first Christmas forecast coming up later today.


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