Weekend Weather Forecast – Dec. 16th – Dec. 18th

Well, the office is rapidly emptying out, a sure sign that Christmas is drawing ever closer. The weather is less than Christmassy, however. In fact, looking at the model forecasts for next week, one cannot help but think of the lyrics of that old Christmas classic: “Oh, the weather outside is frightful!” Alas, that’s still quite a bit in the future and will be the subject of a separate forecast. The next few days are going to be the literal calm before the storm(s).

That being said, Friday will bring a welcome respite from the torrential rains of yesterday. My old Nemesis, the Azores High, is coming over for a visit. This will cause any lingering rain to leave Ireland to the east during the morning. Winds will be slack for most of the day, and any remaining clouds will clear by lunchtime. It will be cool during the day, and cold at night, with daytime highs of 8°C and nighttime lows of 0°C or lower, even in urban areas.

A thin layer of cloud and fog will move into Cork early on Saturday morning, though it will remain dry for the entire day and into Sunday. Winds won’t be an issue either, as high pressure becomes increasingly dominant. It will however be a cold day. Temperatures will be slow to rise from the freezing conditions overnight, only reaching the daytime highs of around 8°C in the afternoon. All this will take care under a solid overcast, so not much in the way of sunshine. The clouds will keep nighttime temperatures above freezing, though, with lows of around 5°C.

As for Sunday, it will be just as grey as Saturday, though just as dry as well. Some rain MIGHT move in late on Sunday night, but that is still uncertain. It will still be relatively cool, although there is no chance of freezing temperatures, with daytime highs of around 8°C and nighttime lows of 5-6°C. Winds will be mostly calm, but that will be the last time before Christmas from the way the models look.


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