Weekday Weather Forecast – Dec. 19th – Dec. 21st

Is there even anybody in the office today? I can’t blame you for staying home with the kind of drizzle we’re having outside, to be fair. It certainly won’t get much better for the rest of the week, in fact if you have a Christmas tree outside, you may want to tie that down with something sturdy, like steel wires or anchor chains. Christmas looks very turbulent and stormy.

Things start off calm enough on Monday. A band of light rain will move over Ireland in the morning and early afternoon, it should have cleared Cork by 1 PM. There won’t be much in the way of wind was we get caught in a small intermediary high, however, this will also cause temperatures to plummet overnight. Maximum temperatures for today were reached at about 7:30 this morning with 10°C, and we’ll be looking at nighttime lows of around -1°C tonight and early on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday will start off cold, as I just mentioned. However, warmer air will start moving in over the course of the day, as a massive North Atlantic storm will draw closer to Ireland, bringing strong rainfalls from the afternoon onwards. This will also cause the winds to freshen and swing around to a southwesterly direction towards the afternoon. It is still up for debate how strong the winds will be, GFS forecasts just fresh winds, while the French ARPEGE model forecasts a full-blown storm, better prepare for the worst, though. Temperature will vary wildly between -1°C in the morning, 11°C in the afternoon, and 5°C at night.

Wednesday will be mostly dry, although drizzles can show up at any time, so be ready for those little bastards. Winds will slacken off again, before another storm looks likely to push in on Thursday. It will be rather chilly, with daytime highs of 8°C and nighttime lows of 4°C. As for the rest of the week, well, Santa and his reindeer better brush up on their instrument flying and crosswind handling skills. They’re gonna need them!


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