Christmas Weather Forecast – Storm Warning

Gooood morning everybody from a gloriously foggy Schiphol Airport. Sorry that I didn’t manage to get you your weather report yesterday, but I’m flying home for Christmas and had to take care of such things as packing and organising last minute Christmas gifts. Anyway, back to topic.

As those of you who follow the news already know, there is feck all chance of a White Christmas in Cork this year. On the contrary, it looks wet and windy, or to be more precise stormy. Met Éireann has a nationwide Yellow Alert on its website, with a level Orange alert in Operation for Mayo, Sligo, and Donegal. From my vantage point, these warnings are on the conservative side, I expect Level Orange Conditions for Cork, and a full Red weather alert for the Northwest before this storm is through. Still, listen to the radio, keep your eyes on Twitter et. al., and when warnings are issued, HEED THEM! This beast still looks vicious.

At the moment, things are still calm, they will likely remain so for most of today. We’re mostly looking at slack southerly winds, a bit of very light rain, and daytime highs of around 7 degrees Celsius for Thursday. I already tested the rain this morning at Cork Airport, and yep, it’s still wet. This calm weather is the literal calm before the storm, though.

Starting early on Friday morning, storm Barbara will move into Ireland. Winds will swing around to southwest sometime before 6AM, and coastal areas of County Cork will start experiencing gale-force winds by that time. These winds will move inland by the late morning, and coastal regions will be dealing with possibly sustained storm force winds by that time. Just be advised that storm force gusts are possible throughout the county. Along with that storm, we’ll see significant amounts of rainfall moving into Cork, so expect localised flooding, again, possibly over a longer period.

It currently looks as if the worst will be over by the afternoon, as winds swing around to a westerly direction, causing Cork city and most of the county to end up leewards of the mountains of West Cork. Still, this storm is pretty unpredictable, so you shouldn’t take any unneccessary risks. *Que Theresa Mannion clip*.

Saturday currently looks like it will be mostly fine, although winds along the coasts will pick up by Christmas Eve. These will spread inland and strengthen to gale force overnight, before clearing in the afternoon of December 25th. I’m not making any predictions for St. Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day yet. All this will take place in rather mild temperatures, it shouldn’t get colder than 6-11 degrees Celsius. So, it looks like a White Christmas will be something that Bing Crosby will have to take care of… yet again.


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