Weekend Weather Forecast – Jan. 6th 2017 – Jan. 8th 2017

Good morning, everybody. I hope you made it through the rain without any major issues. I’m not saying it’s raining badly, but the road outside my home was blocked for several minutes by a guy called Noah transporting wood for an ark. He may be on to something there. The good news is that once the rain clears today around lunchtime, we’re looking at a comparatively dry weekend.

As for the rest of Friday, we’re pretty much looking at a day of two halves. High pressure will start being dominant again from lunchtime onward as the strong North Atlantic low that has been bringing all this rain will move into Norway. The morning will be wet, as areas of strong rainfall will continue to move through. Spot flooding and standing water on the roads continues to be a risk, so drive carefully. This will clear around lunchtime, although there is a continued risk of showers. It will be a mild day, with highs of 12°C and lows of 9-10°C in calm to fresh southerly winds. With the dew point matching or exceeding the daytime highs, you can expect the entire day to feel damp, though.

Saturday looks quite good to be honest. Cork will be under a pretty solid cloud cover, but any showers that do develop will be weak and spread very thin across the country. Winds will continue to be calm, and it will once again feel mild. Daytime highs are expected to be around 11°C, with nighttime lows dropping to around 9°C. Once again, we’re looking at a rather high dew point, so expect the entire day to feel damp and muggy.

Things start to change on Sunday as a North Atlantic low draws near. It will again be mostly dry, with only a few scattered showers. However, towards the evening, the winds will swing around to a westerly direction and freshen up. We’ll also see a drop of temperatures towards the second half of the day, when the daytime lows of 6-7°C will be reached. Daytime highs will continue to be around 11°C, though it will probably feel cooler. As for next week, it looks like a turbulent one.


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