Weekend Weather Forecast – Jan. 13th – Jan. 15th

Happy Friday the 13th, everybody. I apologize for not publishing any forecasts this week, I was involved in a rather complex project at work, and quite frankly didn’t have the time for it. Sorry about that. Anyway, I hope you all got into work safely, with those “record” amounts of snowfall. Seriously though, given some of the driving “skills” I’ve witnessed in this country, I’m kinda glad that things turned out to be rather unremarkable in Cork city.

The good news is that the weather is going to get calmer. High pressure is building over the Atlantic, and all major weather models forecast a ridge of high pressure forming between the Azores High and a high pressure area over Scandinavia. If that seems familiar to some, that’s because it is. That same configuration caused several weeks of calm weather back in November.

The bad news is that Friday will continue to be a distinctly cold day. Low temperatures are only expected to be reached in the morning with around -1°, before rising to 5°C in the afternoon. With a little luck we should escape any major areas of rain or snow, though the occasional shower can’t be ruled out. Winds will slacken throughout the day here in Cork, so there won’t be that much of a windchill factor anymore. The Yellow weather alert by Met Éireann is still in place until 6 PM, though, so take care.

From the looks of it, Saturday will be slightly warmer than today. Nighttime lows will be in the plus range, at around 3°C, with daytime highs reaching 7°C, or possibly 8°C. Rain will be confined to the coast, and will mostly be light and drizzly from the looks of it. Winds will be mostly calm as well, coming from westerly directions.

Sunday can really be described as “the great thaw”, with temperatures climbing back up to 10-11°C, although it will still be cold at night, with low temperatures of around 3°C. Once again, no major rainfall appears to be on the horizon, you should be ready for the odd light drizzly shower, though. Wind won’t be too much of an issue either, with slack westerly winds prevailing throughout the day. Sunday will also set the theme for next week, and indeed the week after that from the looks of it. After all, high pressure areas tend to be annoyingly stable!


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