Weekday Weather Forecast – Jan.16th – Jan 18th.

Good Morning everybody. Even though the office sounds like the sickbay aboard USS Enterprise (NCC-1701, no bloody A, B, C, or D!), I still hope you made it through the weekend okay. There certainly wasn’t  too much happening weather-wise, and that will be the general them for the next week as well. High pressure is building over the continent, and while Europe may be in for another week of deep freeze, we here in Ireland are in the warm sector of that high pressure area, leading to calm weather and rather mild temperatures for most of the coming week.

Monday will set the mood for the week ahead. We’ve just come out of a rather mild week, my weather station at home registered a low of 7.9°C tonight at 0232h local time. The daytime highs will come in at around 11°C, maybe more in the urban heat bubble over Cork city, before dropping back to around 7°C at night. With the dew point being close to the maximum temperature for most of the day, it will feel damp, although there won’t be any significant amounts of rainfall

Tuesday will be pretty similar to Monday, that means calm and mostly dry. Daytime highs will be slightly lower at 10°C, dropping back to 6°C at night, with lower temperatures possible in rural areas, especially in west Cork. Once again, it will feel rather humid, but no actual rainfall is visible in the model calculations. Tuesday does however mark the start of a cooling trend that will persist throughout the week.

This will start becoming apparent on Wednesday. Daytime highs won’t exceed 8°C, while nighttime lows drop to around 3-4°C, with the possibility of patches of ground frost in vulnerable areas. There might be some very light drizzles coming through on Wednesday morning, but that seems as tenuous as my grip on reality 😉 Wind won’t be much of an issue on Wenesday either, as the dead calm continues. And that’s also how it will look until Friday. Mostly calm, getting progressively cooler, with little to no rain, or in other words: Booooooring!!!!!


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