Weekday Weather Forecast – Jan. 18th – Jan. 20th

Hey everybody, I hope you feel better than the weather looks at the moment. I mean it’s not exactly bad, it is just, well, meh. And, given that we’re still sitting under a pretty strong area of high pressure, that won’t change, for the next few days at least. If anything, the high pressure area will only increase over the next few days. We’re looking at a potential change in the weather pattern during the latter half of the weekend or early next week, but that is still far from certain, models diverge quite drastically beyond the 96 hour forecast.

Back to more pressing issues, namely the weather for the rest of Wednesday. It will remain overcast for most of today, only clearing up towards the evening as high pressure increases. That will cause today to be rather cooler than the last few days. Daytime highs will peak at around 9°C. Nighttime lows will plummet to around 3°C, due to the lack of cloud cover. Ground frost is possible in vulnerable areas. The Dew point will be mostly close to, or identical to the actual air temperature, so you can expect another damp day, as well as the possibility of fog.

Thursday will start off bright and clear… and cold. Daytime highs will peak at around 8°C, with nighttime lows again around 3°C, with the possibility of night frost. There won’t be any clouds for most of the day and night, so it will be mostly sunny. Winds will be calm as well, due to our proximity to the center of that high pressure area, which will be over the British midlands, although some clouds might develop overnight.

Friday looks “interesting”, at least from a meteorological point of view. The high over the UK will start to weaken, making way for some more turbulent Atlantic air masses. For most of Friday, we will still have sunshine, once the cloud cover that formed overnight has dissipated. High altitude clouds will form in the afternoon, but they shouldn’t affect the weather as such. Daytime highs will peak at around 7°C, with nighttime lows of around 4-5°C. It will be a dry day, however, that might not be the case for Saturday morning.


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