Weekday Weather Forecast – Jan. 23rd, 2017 – Jan. 25th, 2017

Good Morning everybody. I hope you’ve come through the weekend well and are not a victim of the current cold/flu wave that has the office sounding like a GP surgery. The cold weather over the last few days has certainly benefitted the spread of such diseases. The good news is that it will get warmer over the next couple of days as a southwesterly airflow is established over Ireland. The bad news is that it will also get rainy and stormy as a North Atlantic low comes pretty close to Ireland.

It will start innocently enough on Monday, which will be a mostly dry day. A few light drizzles are possible in the early afternoon, but that’ll be all for the day. Things will change at night, though, a band of potentially heavy rain attached to a warm front will start moving in around 7 PM, and stay with us pretty much through the night. Winds will start to freshen up during the afternoon as well, although the worst of the winds will be confined to Connacht for the time being. It will remain relatively cool for the day, with daytime highs of around 8°C. The good news is that that will also be the nighttime lows.

Tuesday will start off wet, as the warm front continues to move over Ireland. While the main front should have cleared Cork by lunchtime, residual showers and drizzles will be with us all day, so be prepared. The good news is that the winds will ease off again, and with daytime highs of around 10°C, and nighttime lows of 8°C, it will feel pretty mild, although with dewpoints in the same range, it will also feel pretty humid.

Things are really going to kick off on Wednesday! The winds will have swung around to South overnight. By the morning, they’ll pick up, quickly reaching gale to storm force across the country. The first of several bands of very heavy rain will move through from lunchtime onwards, with the worst of the storm and rain expected on Thursday morning. Flooding is possible, even likely, but I’ll pen a dedicated warning for that. The good news is that it will remain relatively warm for now, with highs of 11°C and lows of 8°C.


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