Weekend Weather Forecast – Feb. 3rd – Feb. 5th

Good morning everybody, and welcome to the calm after the storm. Cork got lucky yesterday, the low tracked more northerly than forecast by almost all models, reducing the impact somewhat. This paves the way for some calm, if cold, weather over the weekend, and some interesting weather patterns over the continent, with a series of storm systems tracking straight over France and parts of Germany, before backtracking and dying out over Belgium. Just goes to show that even weather systems will do anything to avoid Belgium.

Anyway, back to topic. Friday will be a mostly dry day in Cork, although the east coast, between Waterford and Dublin, will get drenched. As you may have noticed this morning already, it isn’t really that warm, and it won’t get too warm either. In fact, daytime highs will only reach 6-7°C, with nighttime lows dropping back to 0°C, and most likely below that. So be ready for frost during most of the early morning hours of Saturday. The good news is that it will stay pretty much dead calm throughout the day, so there’ll be no wind chill to speak of. It will be pretty damp, though.

As for Saturday, that won’t be as dry as Friday. A band of rain will move through during the day, and while it looks as if the worst of the rain will remain out to sea, you can expect the odd drizzle or shower. While winds may freshen up and turn southwesterly during the day, they still won’t amount to much, and will probably not exceed Force 3-4. It will be another cold day, with highs around 6-7°C, and nighttime lows at or below 0°C.

Sunday will mark the beginning of a short change in weather patterns, as a massive storm system south of Iceland begins to affect Ireland. It will once again be a cold day, with daytime highs only coming in at around 8°C. Nighttime lows of around 0°C will be reached at around 9PM on Sunday, before rising again as a warm front starts moving in. While a few weak showers or drizzles are possible, Sunday looks mostly dry, and calm as well, with no winds to speak of. All that will change on Monday as another storm front moves in.


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