Weekday Weather Forecast – Feb. 8th – Feb. 10th

Good morning. I’m not saying it’s frozen outside, but I’m pretty sure I faintly heard someone singing “Let it go” on the way to work. Seriously, most weather stations around Cork are reporting temperatures below freezing. My own weather station barely stayed above 0°C, and that’s in the city centre! And quite frankly, from the looks of the mid-range forecast charts, we’re going to be in for yet another mid-February freeze-out. A high pressure area over Scandinavia will strengthen throughout next week, blocking the North Atlantic circulation and bringing cold and calm weather for the foreseeable future.

As for Wednesday, the good news is that we’ve already passed the lows forecast for today, they were reached about an hour ago. Throughout the day, they will rise up to 8°C, and remain there for the rest of the day. Winds will swing around to southerly directions as another occluded front, the last one for the foreseeable future, arrives towards the evening. We’ll be looking at Force 4 winds, not really strong, but enough to cause quite a wind-chill, making it feel much colder. A weak band of showers will move through around lunchtime, with another one expected during the night.

Thursday will start wet and windy. Winds will continue to strengthen to Force 6-7 overnight, swinging around to southeast, causing it to feel quite raw tomorrow. An area of sustained, if light, rainfall, will move over Ireland in the morning, before clearing towards the late afternoon. Temperatures will start off on a high of 8°C, before dropping to nighttime lows of around 5°C.

Friday will pick up where Thursday left off temperature-wise, with 3-4°C shortly before sunrise. It won’t get much warmer either, with daytime highs of 5°, and a bitterly cold night with lows of around -2°C to -4°C even in urban areas! At least, there won’t be much in the way of wind-chill, with winds being pretty much dead calm. A few light drizzles are possible in the morning. As for the weekend, it looks bitterly cold, with potential for snow on Saturday, especially in the morning.


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