Weekend Weather Forecast – Feb. 10th – Feb. 12th

Welcome to the big freeze, everyone. It looks like we’re in for quite a cool weekend. Okay, so it’ll be more than cool, we’ll be getting a blast of cold air straight out of Siberia, together with most of Europe. With any luck, it won’t last too long, the weather models currently indicate a warming trend starting on Monday, as we get caught in a Mediterranean airflow. However, things can still change, so be ready.

As for the rest of Friday, we’ll be looking at a cold, if otherwise unremarkable, day. Daytime highs won’t exceed 5°C even in urban regions, with temperatures dropping well into the freezing rage overnight, with lows of -2°C to -4°C possible. The easterly winds we’re currently experiencing aren’t particularly strong, and they won’t get much stronger, they feel particularly unpleasant due to the low temperatures. The good news is that the likelihood of rain is very low. Unfortunately, that, and the prevailing winds means that we won’t be seeing any snow in Cork tonight, either.

Saturday starts where Friday left off: In the freezer. The freezing temperatures I mentioned above will persist well into the morning, with the thermometer only creeping above zero around 10 AM. Not that they’ll climb much, mind you. The daytime highs are only around 3°C. It will feel even colder, due to a biting north to northeasterly wind, we’re looking at force 4-7 here, so wrap up. The good news is that there won’t be much in the way of rain, sleet or snow in our area either. The only “good” thing about the weather on Saturday is that it won’t be quite as freezing at night, with temperatures just around 0°C to -1°C.

There won’t be much of a change on Sunday either. It will once again be a cold day, with daytime highs of around 3-5°C. It will most likely feel even colder, as winds swing around to an easterly direction and reach gale force along the coasts. In addition, Sunday looks like the wettest day of the weekend, with a band of light rain or possibly snow if it remains cold enough, will move in from around lunch time, and stay for most of the day.


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