Weekday Weather Forecast – Feb. 13th – Feb. 15 th

Good morning, everybody. Another all too brief weekend is behind us, although, given the temperatures, I’m kind of glad it’s over. For the coming week, we’re looking at a rather warm interlude due to some rather unusual weather patterns. A low pressure area currently sitting off the northwestern tip of Spain will in effect move backwards, tracking north to northwest, and getting close to Ireland, although it will weaken in the process.

For Monday, this means a wet start, as most of you have already found out the hard way. An area of rain is currently pretty much stationary over western Ireland. It will remain that way for most of the day, weakening all the time, before starting to move east overnight. It will feel windy throughout the day in strong to possibly gale force east to southeasterly winds. Thankfully, it isn’t quite as cold as the last few days, with daytime highs of 9°C and lows of around 7°C

Tuesday will pretty much follow Monday’s blueprint, if a little warmer. Daytime highs will be around 11°C, with some regions possibly getting up as high as 13-15°C, while nighttime lows come in at around 8°C. Once that band of rain I mentioned above has cleared Cork around lunchtime, it will be a dry day. A few showers might move in from the Atlantic, but I doubt they’ll survive for long. As for the winds, they will swing around to southerly directions and slacken, as the day progresses.

Wednesday will be another warm day, with daytime highs of around 11°C and nighttime lows of 8°C. A weak band of rain will move through during the day, starting in the morning, and staying with us pretty much the entire day. However, winds will continue to slacken here, as the low pressure area continues to move northwards, and away from us.

What happens beyond that is still up in the air, although it looks as if it will remain mild throughout the week, as we are caught in a warm airflow reaching up from the Canary Islands and Western Africa.


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