Weekday Weather Forecast – Feb. 15th – Feb. 17th

Hey, guys. The weather you currently see outside your window, at least if you live in Cork, is going to persist for the foreseeable future. So yes, unlike my previous predictions, it looks as if we’ll see quite a bit more rain before the weekend rolls around. The weekend itself looks quite nice though, dry and mild, from what I can see.

Before we get to that though, Wednesday will be dominated by a weakening low pressure area moving off towards Scotland. A band of rain attached to that low pressure area will pass over Ireland during the late morning and early afternoon. Rainfall amounts won’t be too high, but they will certainly be enough to spoil your day if you’ve forgotten your umbrella at home, like yours truly. Winds won’t be too strong, it currently looks like force 3-4, and it will stay relatively mild, with daytime highs of 10°C to 11°C, and nighttime lows around 6-7°C

Thursday will start off dry, and most likely stay that way. A small area of rainfall may move through around lunch, but I’d be surprised if that amounts to anything more than some light drizzle. Winds will remain calm, and probably slacken off even more, all the while coming from southerly to southwesterly directions. The day will start off a bit cooler than Wednesday, with lows of around 4°C, but it will quickly warm up, with daytime highs of 11°C, possibly even 12°C.

Friday will be pretty wet as another trough of low pressure moves towards Ireland. The initial rainfall won’t actually be too bad, a few light showers, some drizzle. However, towards the evening, a band of heavy rain attached to the main front will arrive, and stay until the early hours of Saturday. Spot flooding is very much a possibility in vulnerable locations. Winds will swing around to southerly, and freshen noticeably from noon onwards, although they probably won’t exceed Force 5-6. Temperature-wise, it looks like the mildest, and most boring, day of the week, with low AND high temperatures amounting to 10°C to 11°C


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