Weekend Weather Forecast – Feb. 17th – Feb 19th.

Hey everyone, and congratulations on surviving another week on the way to your non-existent retirement 😉 The next week or so doesn’t actually look too bad from a meteorological perspective, despite a rather dull and wet start down here in Cork today. Before we get to that, however, we’re in for a spell of rather wet weather for the rest of today.

While Friday did start off wet, the initial rainfall won’t be too bad, only a few light showers or drizzles are expected. Things will change from about 7 PM this evening, maybe earlier, as a band of rain attached to a weak cold front moves through. This will bring sustained, possibly heavy, rainfall until the early hours of Saturday. While occasional strong gusts are always to be expected during a frontal transit, top winds don’t look too bad for this one, probably not more than Force 4-5 from a southerly direction. It won’t be too cold, either. Temperatures have already passed the 10°C mark in Cork, my own weather station in the city center is currently registering 11°C. These temperatures will remain constant throughout the day, only dropping once the cold front is through.

As the forecast for Saturday shows, that cold front isn’t actually that cold, though. It will be relatively cool in the early morning, with around 6°C, however temperatures will be back up to 12-13°C around noon, before dropping back to around 4-5°C at night. Rain won’t be a factor for Saturday, not even the light showers or drizzles that have plagued us over the last few weeks. Winds will slacken as well, dropping back to almost calm conditions.

Sunday will once again start off cool, with morning temperatures around 4-5°C. Daytime highs, due in the early afternoon, will come in at around 12-13°C again, dropping back to only around 11°C at night. It won’t be quite as dry, with light showers being possible throughout the day, but wind once again won’t be a factor, with only light winds from southwesterly directions, setting the theme for the first half of next week as well.


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