Weekday Weather Forecast – Feb. 20th – Feb. 22nd

Gooooooood Morning, everyone! It was certainly a good morning for me, the first time I’ve seen the sun at that time in ages, and I have no idea what the company put in my coffee to make me so over the top happy. Anyway, the good weather is probably going to last until the end of the week, although it will turn colder from Wednesday onward.

As for the rest of Monday, you can expect a fairly mild, pleasant day. We’re looking at maximum temperatures of around 13°C, with up to 15°C possible in urban centers. With low temperatures of around 10°C, the night will be quite okay as well. There might be the occasional drizzle or light shower, but nothing major. All this will take place in light to variable westerly winds, so all in all, not a bad day at all.

Tuesday will pretty much follow the pattern set by Monday, meaning that it will be another mild day. Daytime highs will come in at around 13°C, with nighttime lows once again hovering around 10°C. It will be mostly dry once again, with most of the rain staying off to the north of Cork. The odd light shower might be possible, however. The winds will strengthen quite a bit, with gale force gust being possible in exposed coastal locations towards the afternoon and evening.

Wednesday will mark a break in the weather pattern. Daytime highs and lows will come in at around 10°C, and the first half of the day will be marked by persistent light rain or drizzle. Following a break in the rain around lunchtime, an area of heavy rain will move in during the afternoon. This will stay with us overnight, before clearing Cork on Thursday morning. The fresh to strong winds that developed overnight will slacken towards the morning, and remain calm throughout the day, before freshening up again during the evening. Gale force winds are possible even in Cork city on Wednesday, so be prepared.

Beyond that, we’re looking at a brief cold spell for Thursday and Friday. As for the weekend, well, I recommend you stock up on hot chocolate, tea, etc.


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