Weekday Weather Forecast – Feb. 22nd – Feb. 24th

Well, if the Weather Warning from yesterday was anything to go by, we’re looking at an end to the calm weather that prevailed over the last few days. The Yellow weather warning remains in operation until noon. However, the next storm system has already started to develop, and will hit Ireland later tonight, affecting Cork until tomorrow afternoon, while the forecast for the weekend continues to look, frankly, miserable.

For the rest of Wednesday, we’ll be looking at slackening winds until around lunchtime. It will remain mild for the time being, with daytime highs of around 12°C, and low temperatures of around 10°C. Winds will start to freshen up around 6 PM again, and will swing around to northwesterly directions, with gale force winds likely overnight. A band of rain will also start moving in towards the afternoon, staying with us until Thursday morning.

Thursday will start up wet and windy. It will also be significantly colder than today, as the rainfall and winds are attached to a cold front. The worst of the weather will have cleared by late morning, although light showers or drizzles are possible into the afternoon. Winds will slacken off quickly in the morning, so they shouldn’t be too much of a factor. It will be significantly colder, with daytime highs of 7°C, and nighttime lows of 3-4°C.

Friday will start of on a similarly chilly note, with daytime lows of just around 3°C in the early hours of the morning. Temperatures will slowly but gradually rise throughout the day, peaking at 9-10°C around 11PM. A weak band of rain will move through Ireland during the afternoon and evening. The midlands will get the worst of it, but you can expect some rainfall down here in Cork as well. The winds will be calm for most of the day, but winds will pick up and swing around to a southwesterly direction during the evening. That will be the prelude for the inclement weather that will dominate the weekend. Make sure to stock up on tea, hot chocolate, and get your Netflix playlists up to date 😉


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