Weekend Weather Forecast – Feb. 24th – Feb. 26th.

Good morning, and happy Friday, everyone! The weekend is almost upon us. It won’t be one for outdoor activities, though. While Saturday looks okay-ish from around noon onwards, Sunday looks like a complete and utter washout. The reason is the last in a series of very strong Icelandic low pressure areas that have been dominating the weather patterns this winter. This low will be dislodged, and move over Ireland throughout next week, heralding a period of cold and turbulent weather.

Friday will start off cold, but otherwise not too bad. Nighttime lows of around 2°C were reached this morning, daytime highs will come in at around 9°C. A weak band of rain will move through the country around lunchtime and in the afternoon, that shouldn’t yield too much in the way of rainfall, however. A stronger front will move in overnight, so be prepared. Winds will initially be weak and coming from westerly to northwesterly directions. They will swing around to southwest to south from noon onwards, and freshen up by evening, reaching gale to storm force overnight in coastal regions.

Saturday will start off very wet and very windy. Precautionary weather warnings have been issued for coastal regions, and severe weather conditions might well be felt inland as well. The gale to storm force winds should slacken by noon, and most of the rainfall should have cleared Cork by then as well, making way for a pretty good afternoon. It will be noticeably warmer through most of the day, with highs of 9-11°C, and lows of 6°C.

That calm interlude will end in the early hours of Sunday. Another storm front will move in. We’ll be looking at gale to storm force winds far inland for most of Sunday morning, with another, slightly weaker area of strong winds due in the afternoon. All of this will be accompanied by another, even stronger, rain front, so expect spot flooding in vulnerable locations. That rain will stay with us throughout the day, so if you need to something outside, do it on Saturday afternoon. To make things worse, the front coming through is a cold front, so we’ll be looking at highs of 9°C, and lows of just 2-3°C.


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