Weekday Weather Forecast – March 1st – March 3rd

Please be advised that a Yellow Weather Alert has been issued by Met Éireann and will come into operation from 2 PM today until early Thursday Morning. We’re looking at gale force west to northwesterly winds, with force 10 gusts possible as well. Coastal regions will be most affected, but inland areas will be in the firing line as well. More details on the timing of those winds below.

Wednesday will turn quite turbulent following a deceptively quiet start. Winds will start picking up around lunchtime, and reach their peak in the late hours of Wednesday evening. Sustained force 8 winds are expected, with gusts of force 10 very much possible. Even before that, an area of weak to moderate rain will move in, probably in the late morning. It will stay with us until the evening, probably until 6-7 PM, clearing just before the winds reach their peak. It won’t really be a warm day, either, with lows of around 2°C and daytime highs of 8°C

Thursday won’t be much warmer either. In fact, temperatures will be pretty much identical to Wednesday, with lows of 2°C and highs of 8°C. And while it won’t be quite as windy, Thursday looks pretty damn wet. An area of intense rainfall will move into Cork in the morning, and stay with us for pretty much the entire day. Some gale force winds are possible in coastal areas during the afternoon, but apart from that, wind won’t be too much of an issue.

Friday will be a calmer, but colder, day. It won’t be any drier though, as another area of strong rainfall will move into Cork around lunchtime, only clearing around midnight. Wind won’t be a factor, although we will be dealing with rather unusual wind directions, southeasterly to northeasterly winds most of the time. And while the nighttime lows will come in at around 5-6°C, the daytime highs will be just fractionally higher at 7°C. As for the weekend, expect more of the same. It may be March, but it certainly won’t feel like spring.


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