Wet Weekend Weather Forecast – March 3rd – March 5th

Good Morning, everybody. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s raining like hell outside! Looking at both the Met Éireann Rainfall Radar and the rainfall totals forecast by the GFS model, it is pretty obvious that Met Éireann totally dropped the ball by not including Cork in their Status Yellow weather alert. So let me be absolutely clear: We are expecting significant amounts of rainfall for the Cork area, spot flooding in vulnerable areas is almost a certainty at this point, and the first reports are already coming in. Be careful when out on the roads today.

The reason for this wet weather is a low pressure area that is building right overhead. With little lateral movement, the rest of Friday will remain very wet and unpleasant, at least until the late afternoon. By 5-6 PM, most of the rain should have cleared, leading to a mostly dry night. Wind won’t be an issue, as we’re pretty close to the core of the nascent low. The good news is that it won’t be quite as chilly as the last few day, with daytime highs of 7-8°C, and nighttime lows around 5°C.

Saturday looks marginally drier. While the duration of the rainfall will be similar, it won’t be as intense, and the rainfall totals will be significantly lower. Following a dry start, the rain will move in during the late morning, and stay throughout most of the day. Winds will swing around to westerly to northwesterly directions and freshen up, reaching gale to storm force in coastal areas by the evening. It will be slightly cooler, with nighttime lows around 3°C and daytime highs around 7°C.

Things will get really wild on Sunday. Another low pressure system will form, this one off the Donegal coast, and a strong weather front attached to that low will dominate the weather. Rain will start in the early hours of Sunday, with about three to six hours of intense rainfall, before a more showery rainfall pattern takes over for the rest of the day. Winds will swing back to westerly directions in the morning, and reach gale force winds even in inland areas by the afternoon. Temperatures will once again range from 3 to 7°C.


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