Weekday Weather Forecast – March 6th – March 8th

Good morning, everyone. Good news: It looks as if the cold snap is over… for the rest of the week, that is. The weather picture over the North Atlantic is pretty anarchic at the moment to put it mildly, but it will be enough for Ireland to be caught in a warm southwesterly airflow at least until the weekend. Unfortunately, it looks as if we’re in for another deep freeze after the weekend, but that is still far from certain.

Monday currently looks like it will be the coldest day of the week. Daytime highs will come in at around 8°C, while nighttime lows will come in at 2°C. Following an area of rain that went through earlier this morning, the rest of the day looks considerably drier from lunchtime onward, although the odd shower is still possible. It will be windy throughout the day, with a short but pretty strong peak around lunchtime. Gale force winds from northwesterly directions are possible.

Tuesday will be calmer and warmer, although it will still be a freezing cold start to the day, with just 2°C. Things will warm up drastically though ,with daytime highs of 12-13°C. The downside to that upswing is that it is related to a warm front, and, as avid readers of my weather blog will know, a front is almost always associated with rain. Therefore, a band of heavy rain will move over Ireland in the morning hours, clearing only in the late afternoon. Wind won’t be an issue though with fresh west to southwesterly winds, and only the occasional strong gust.

Wednesday will be slightly cooler, with lows of 5-6°C and highs of around 11°C. Most of the day will be dry though, and possibly even sunny, before another band of rain moves in towards the evening. The already calm winds will slacken further, meaning that wind chill won’t be a factor. As it looks today, Thursday and Friday will be even warmer, but also more turbulent, with rain and stronger winds, but also daytime highs of 13°C or more. Looks like a first taste of spring to me.


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