Weekday Weather Forecast – March 8th – March 10th

Well, it looks as if the weather won’t be quite as good as I had expected on Monday. Given the chaotic nature of the North Atlantic weather pattern at the moment, the expected southerly airflow couldn’t establish itself in the way I had anticipated. Still, it isn’t that bad, and it looks as if the temperature drop over the weekend has gone the way of the Dodo.

Most of Wednesday looks quite good, if a bit wetter than anticipated. Temperatures are already edging past the 10°C mark in Cork, and highs of 11-12°C are very much possible. Nighttime lows will come in at around 7°C. Any remaining rain should have cleared the South Coast well before lunchtime, although I’m not sure whether it will clear up enough for uninterrupted sunshine. Winds will be dead calm for most of the day, only swinging around to southerly directions in the evening.

Thursday will be wetter again, with a band of rain moving in from the southwest in the early hours of morning. Rainfall totals don’t look too dramatic, however, we will have to deal with rainfall throughout the day, the band will only clear towards the evening. It won’t be quite as warm, with highs of 10-11°C, and lows of 9°C. Winds continue to be calm to light, so apart from the rain, it looks like quite a nice day.

Friday looks like more of the same, although it will be warmer again with highs of 11-12°C and lows of 10°C. Weak showers and drizzles should be expected throughout the day, with a slightly heavier band of rain moving through from 2100h onwards, although that should be clear by Saturday morning. Winds will be stronger compared to the rest of the week, but we’re still only talking about force 3-4 at the most.

As far as weather for the weekend and beyond is concerned, we’re basically looking at more of the same. The occasional band of light rain or drizzle, weak winds, and temperatures in the two digit range. In fact, 14-15°C are on the cards for Monday!


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