Weekend Weather Forecast – March 10th – March 12th

Good Morning, everyone. It’s Friday, and the all too short weekend is upon us again. Well, the good news is that at least half the weekend looks fantastic. Saturday will, by all accounts be a fine day. And, at least temperature-wise, the first few days of next week look pretty amazing as well, with highs of 14-15°C very much on the cards even in rural regions. Preliminary forecasts show a quite significant drop in temperatures for St. Patrick’s Day, though.

Before we get to the good parts, we have to get through Friday though. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be a horrible day, but it won’t be great, either. The temperature part is easy, as daytime highs as well as nighttime lows will be identical at around 10-11°C. Light rain showers or drizzles are to be expected throughout the day, before intensifying later in the evening as a weak frontal system moves through. Winds will be unremarkable, with light to fresh winds from southerly directions prevailing throughout the day.

Saturday will be by far the best day of the weekend, and probably the best day of 2017 to date. That frontal system I mentioned above will have cleared Cork by 6 AM, making way for a bright, sunny, spring day once the clouds have cleared, which should happen before 9 AM. Rain will be non-existent throughout the day, and we’re looking at clear skies until around 8 or 9 PM. This will cause temperatures to skyrocket, rising from morning lows of around 9°C to daytime highs of 14-15°C, although it will probably feel warmer. Another area of rain will move in late in the evening, though.

This area of rain will mostly affect the early hours of Sunday, to be honest. It should have cleared Ireland by 6 AM, but unlike Saturday, it will just make way for light showers or drizzles that will last throughout the day. It will be noticeably cooler as well, with lows of 5-6°C and daytime highs of 12°C. Winds will be stronger as well, with a possibility of Force 6-7 winds from northwesterly directions. A return to a calmer, warmer regime looks to be on the cards for Monday, though.


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