Weekday Weather Forecast – March 15th – March 17th

Good morning, everyone. Sorry for the lack of a weather forecast on Monday, I was in a half day training course at work, and of course that takes precedence. Not that there was much to forecast, the weather the last few days was pretty damn good. Unfortunately, it’s not going to stay that way. In fact, the weather models are painting Ireland green for St. Patricks Day, with green meaning temperatures in the single digits. There’ll be a dash of rain in there as well, although torrential downpours are not expected.

The rest of Wednesday will continue the way it started. With a relatively solid, but not very thick cloud cover, the occasional bit of hazy sunshine, and mild temperatures. We’re looking at daytime highs of around 13°C, with nighttime lows of around 8°C. There is a slight chance of a few very light showers, but I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Winds will be calm as well, so it looks like a pretty nice day.

Thursday will be the colder cousin of Wednesday. Daytime maximum temperatures of 9-10°C will be reached in the morning, before a cold front starts moving in shortly after lunch, causing temperatures to drop to 2-4°C overnight. Rain will start moving into Cork around lunchtime as well, coinciding with the arrival of the front. That should be clear by early evening. Winds will be noticeably stronger as well, swinging around to Northwest and freshening up to Force 4-5.

St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, starts off cool, with morning temperatures of around 4-5°C. Temperatures will rise to 9-11°C, maybe more in urban areas, towards the afternoon, and stay around that mark for the remainder of the day. The bad news is that it WILL rain on St. Patricks Day, no doubt about that. The rain will start around lunchtime, and last throughout the rest of the day. The good news is that the rainfall totals don’t look too high, in fact, for most of the afternoon parades, we’re looking at little more than drizzle. Most of the heavy rain will be over Dublin, the Midlands, and Kerry, and they can take it. It will be windy though, with strong to gale force winds from westerly directions.


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