Weekend Weather Forecast -March 17th – March 19th: Guaranteed free of snakes!

Hello, everyone, and Happy National Binge-Drinking Day, otherwise known as St. Patrick’s Day! Almost all of Ireland is off today, only a few people are working, including of course yours truly. The good news for those in the Cork area is that it will remain mostly dry over the next few days, rainfall totals are even lower than I expected in my last forecast. The bad news is that next week looks pretty dismal as far as the weather is concerned.

As for the rest of Friday, we’re looking at a relatively mild, calm day. Daytime highs will come in at around 11-12°C, with nighttime lows roughly identical to that. Rain will move into Ireland from the North, turning heavy for a time along the coasts of Kerry, Clare, Limerick, and parts of the midlands. High Definition rain forecast models show Cork remaining almost dry, with only minimal rainfall amounts, so the parades should go off without any major issues. Winds will be mostly calm as well, so we’re looking at quite an acceptable St. Patrick’s Day for Cork.

Saturday will start off wet down here in Cork, but any rainfall will dry up in the late hours of the morning. A few breaks in the cloud cover might be possible in the afternoon, I wouldn’t bank on it, though. It will be milder, with daytime highs of around 13-14°C, and nighttime lows of around 10°C. Once again, winds will be mostly calm as well, so we’re looking at a pretty good day all in all.

Sunday won’t be quite as good. Winds will be noticeably stronger than the last few days, with Force 5-6 winds from westerly directions. The day will start off rather mild again, with highs of 11-13°C. and lows in the same area. However, they will start dropping sharply on Sunday night and into the early hours of Monday morning. Light showers and drizzly rain can be expected throughout the day, with a stronger area of rainfall moving in from around 8PM onwards. That will set the tone for next week as well, with frequent rain and colder temperatures.


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