Weekday Weather Forecast – March 27th – March 29th

Good morning, and guess who’s back? Sorry for not delivering any forecasts over the last week or so, I needed some time to unwind. Anyway, the Atlantic weather patterns are a bit wonky at the moment, with a strong low pressure system being where the Azores high should be. That will give us good weather for the first half of the week, while the second half will be eerily reminiscent of the last days of Atlantis.

As far as Monday is concerned, we’re looking at an amazing day. Although it started off chilly, we’re looking at daytime highs of around 13-14°C, possibly more in urban areas. Nighttime lows will be around 6-7°C. Rain is practically non-existent on Monday, and winds will be calm as well, coming mostly from southerly to easterly directions.

Tuesday is a wholly different matter. Rain will move into Cork from the southwest in the early hours of Tuesday morning. We’re looking at mostly convective precipitation, meaning it is difficult to say where it will rain at what time, but expect some rainfall everywhere throughout the day. It won’t be quite as warm, with daytime highs of 11-12°C, and nighttime lows of 10°C. Winds will swing around to southerly directions and freshen up as well, although we’re still talking about Force 3-4 at most.

Wednesday will be slightly warmer, but considerably wetter. Once again, we’re talking about convective precipitation, so it is hard to pinpoint how much rain will fall where, but looking at the rainfall totals, I’d say there’s enough water caught up in the atmosphere for rain everywhere. Temperature-wise, we’re looking at highs of 12-13°C, with nighttime lows of 10-11°C, so almost no difference.

As far as the outlooks is concerned, I’d recommend checking your wetsuits for leaks and getting your kayaks ready. Thursday and Friday will see a LOT of rain. In fact, you may want to check up on that Ark in your back yard. You know, the one built by a guy named Noah!


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