Weekday Weather Forecast – March 29th – March 31st

Good morning, everyone. I sincerely hope you’re more energetic than I am this morning. The weather of the last few days must be having an effect on me after all. The bad news is that, while it may not be as atrocious as I expected in my last weather forecast, it certainly won’t be anything to write home about, no matter how you try to twist it. There will be rain, the different weather models just don’t agree on how much rain there will be.

Wednesday will continue as it started off: wet. Light showers and drizzles will continue until an area of strong rainfall moves in around lunchtime. That area will stay with us until the late afternoon. It will continue to be mild, we’re looking at daytime highs of around 12°C, with no perceptible drop overnight. Winds won’t be too bad, either. We’re looking at Force 3-4 winds from southerly directions.

Thursday will start off wet as well, with light rain continuing up until lunch. Following a brief break in the afternoon, rain will return towards the evening, stronger this time. The exact rainfall totals vary from model to model, but it looks like Thursday will be the wettest day of the week. It will be slightly warmer with 13-14°C expected in the afternoon. Nighttime lows will come in at around 8°C, and winds will mostly be light to moderate from southerly directions.

Friday will continue to be wet, with an area of rainfall moving into Cork during the late morning. Rainfall amounts appear to be low, but the area is rather large, so the totals are likely to be pretty high. The rain will likely clear towards the evening. It will be mild again, with daytime highs of 13°C, dropping back to 3-5°C overnight. Winds will remain light to moderate, swinging around to westerly directions in the afternoon.

For now, the dry trend for the weekend seems to be holding, although it won’t be quite as mild. I’ll have more details on that on Friday.


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